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Fate/Stay Night (9)

Fate/stay night chronicles a two-week period in the life of the protagonist Shiro Emiya, an amateur magus who attends a school named Homurahara Gakuen in Fuyuki City, Japan. The story primarily takes place at and around Shiro Emiya's house, which acts as his base location in the Holy Grail War. Outside of Shirō's house, frequented locations include Homurahara Gakuen (the high school), and the Ryudo Temple. Shirou Emiya is an average student that is dragged into a war over the Holy Grail, an item that can fulfill any wish or desire. The contestants all use spirit servants to fight each other, however as Emiya is a newcomer and unskilled he must join together with Rin Tohsaka to survive the battles. This is only a temporary solution, as Tohsaka's spirit servant Archer greatly dislikes Emiya for an unknown reason.... Now shop best Fate/Stay Night Cosplay Costumes Online at!

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